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어찌하다 보니 당신은 어떤 그룹을 통솔하고있고, 그들로 하여금 줄을 서게 하고싶은 상황이 왔다.
“Please line up here”
이라고 말하자, 사람들이 줄을 서기 시작한다. 하지만 줄이 삐뚤삐뚤, 곧지 않다.
그래서 추가로 ‘ “한줄로” 서세요’ 라고 강조해서 말하고싶은데… 어떻게 말할까?
“Please line up …. (여기 어떤 부사나 꾸며주는 phrase가 들어가야하는 것은 알겠는데…)”
Can you line up in single file?
In single file
[Definition]  lined up, one behind the other; in a line, one person or one thing wide.
  • Have you ever seen ducks walking in single file
  • Please get into single file
  • Please march in single file.
[Video] - Watch how this phrase is used in real life  
‘Everybody, single file, right down the street, this way and that way, okay?’
[From Movies]
  • The students are all lined up in single file, each holding a slip of paper.(Dead Poets Society)
  • Tell your men to keep behind me in single file. (Jeremiah Johnson)
  • In contrast, Anne and her devout retinue of nuns move in single file toward the garden chapel (Man in the Iron Mask)
  • All right, yes. Right this way. Good, good. Stay in single file. Single file now (Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness)
  • When we exit, walk quickly and in single file. (JAG 138)
[From Twitter]
  • Imagine if all your twitter followers actually followed you around in real life, in single file.
[From News]
  • Gathering up their hats and coats, the jurors walked across the room in single file, passing between the judge’s bench on their right… ( NYT)
뉴욕 지하철이나 백화점에 한칸에 한명만 설 수 있는 에스컬레이터가 종종 보이는데, 이것을 single file escalators 라고 한다.
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