빌게이츠는 부유한 집안에서 태어났다.
그런데 빌게이츠가 부자가 된 이유는 부모님의 부유한 재산보다 빌게이츠 스스로 마이크로소프트를 설립해서 그렇게 된 것이 더 크다.
이처럼  다른 이유보다 자신의 실력이나 노력으로 무언가 성취했다는 것 을 어떻게 표현할까?
His parents are rich, but the reason that he is a billionaire has more to do with his own effort and skills.
라고 표현할 수도 있겠다.
하지만 이런 상황(다른 이유보다 자신의 실력/노력이 더 큰 ) 에 쓰이는 있는 좀 더 효과적인 표현이 있으니…
[Phrase] - 실제로 어떻게 쓰이는지 들어보세요
in own’s own right
  • [Definition] As a consequence of one’s own skill, qualification or state, rather than that of another
[From Movies]
  • Neither the past, nor the present, nor the future…  exists in its own right.  Reality is in the human mind…(1984)
  • Before long, Teddy had become a huge celebrity in his own right. (Ted)
  • You’re a star in your own right, you know that? (Escape From LA)
  • Puppetteering is an admirable skill in its own right! Give him his due! (Freaked)
  • Lambdas are cool in their own right. People just needed to realize it. (Van Wilder)
[From Twitter]
  • Who cares? It’s spectacular in its own right.
  • She’s a star in her own right.
  • As designs get bigger and bolder, bridges have become destinations in their own right:
  • Adam Lambert:phenomenal performer in his own right 
[From News]
  • Still, the sudden lifting of taboos on public criticism has been remarkable in its own right. (NYT)
  • After winning a new election in his own right in 1924, he declined to run in 1928 despite substantial popularity (Economist)
  • Independence is about Scotland joining the family of nations in our own right. (NYT)
사람이 아닌 사물에도 쓰일수도 있다.
이런 경우에는 “다른 이유가 아닌 사물의 본질적인 아름다움/예술성에 의해” 라고 해석하면 될 듯하다.

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