들어간 물속의 깊이가 키보다 더 클때 뭐라고할까?
He is in over his head
Dog is in over its head
캡션에서 볼수 있듯이 in over someone’s head 라 하는데,
직역으로 이렇게 쓰기도 하지만, 비유적으로 더 자주 쓰인다.  즉 어떠한 일에 잠겨서 허우적거리는 모습을  본따서,  자기가 다룰수 있는 양보다 많이 있는 상태..즉 속수무책의 상태를 묘사할때  in over X’s head 라한다
in over X’s head
1. Lit. in water that is deeper than one is tall. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.)
  • Johnny! Don’t go out too far! You are in over your head.
2. Fig. too deeply involved with someone or something, beyond what one can deal with. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.)
  • They are all in over their heads with this money business.
  • After a week in the new job, I soon realized that I was in over my head.
“I am in way over my head…”
In 과 over 전치사 둘이 나란히 있다는것을 까먹지않길바라.
전치사가 두개라서 직역을 하기 힘들지만, 그림으로 보면 이해하기 쉽다.
1)  over my head : 머리 위에
2)  In SOMETHING ( ~안에 있다)
3)  in ( over my head)  : ( 직역불가. 그림으로 보고 이해하길바라)
4) I am in over my head
그래도 가장 효과적인방법은 그냥 입에 익히는것이다..
[From Movies]
  • It’s you’re in over your head Irene, visit. ( Sherlock Holmes)
  • What’s his problem? Frank, it sounds like he’s in over his head on this one. (Fire in the Sky)
  • I didn’t know it then, but I was already in over my head, and I couldn’t have cared less. (Killer’s Kiss)
  • I’m in over my head here. I feel like I can’t even swim. ( Cedar Rapids)
  • You’ve given me diarrhea, I’m nervous about you and I’m in over my head.  ( Funny People)
[From News]
  • She was clueless about computers and was in over her head once the pop-ups began.( NYT)
  • This guy in office is in over his head. he is clueless. (Economist)
  • Poland’s self-styled investment bank gets in over its head.(Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • You know you are in over your head when you have to Google Translate the syllabus. #nocomprendo
  • Everyone feels in over the head. Embrace it
  • “If you aren’t in over your head, how will you know how tall you are?” T.S. Eliot

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