• Rachel: 왜 DET연재 안해?
  • Albert: 아 요즘에 갑자기 환절기라.. SAD 때문에 그런듯
  • Rachel: 그게 뭐임?
  • Albert: Seasonal Affective Disorder. 계절성 우울증. 갑자기 추워져서 무기력하고 힘이 없어.
“Rachel: well you know what…I don’t buy it


  1. I don’t believe it


어떤 이론이나 주장을 물건인 마냥 세일즈맨이 판다고 생각하면, I don’t buy it은 “안사겠다”, 즉 그 이론을 안믿는다라는 이야기다.


  • I knew you were going to say that. I don’t buy it, and I don’t see a case (Philadelphia)
  • FROST: It’s not very effective in direct sunlight, but it’s a start. The goal, of course, is to be like you, “the Day-walker”. BLADE: I don’t buy it. (Blade)
  • I don’t buy it, chief - why would the FBI cover it up? You’re talking the whole FBI here. A telex that disappears from every single FBI office in the country? (JFK)
  • when my parents told me that they were splitting, they told me three things. One, “It’s not your fault. ” Two, “It’s not your fault. “ And three, “It’s not your fault. “ Problem is, I don’t buy it. No kid does. (Fame)


  • Executives at Bloomberg say that all of the investments in media are about driving traffic to the terminal business, but I don’t buy it. (NYT)
  • That’s the theory. I don’t buy it. (Bloomberg)
  • And once I recovered and composed myself, I managed to say, “I don’t buy it.” Because I didn’t. (NYT)


  • You can make an argument for outside walls. I buy it. Every inch of every INSIDE wall? I don’t buy it at all.
  • Guy1: I work in sales Guy2: I don’t buy it
  • I don’t believe Jerome is dead….. I don’t buy it.


  • but I don’t buy that argument.
  • But I don’t buy it.
  • but I don’t buy it.


  • Is it a slang? Yes.
  • Can I use it in an email? Yes.
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? No.
  • Frequency? 대화체에서 많이 쓰인다.

context plot data source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/


1950년대 후반이후에 인기가 많아진 표현이다. ngram_img image source: Google Ngram