마음의 집을 두드리다….
우리는 살면서,  들으면 딱! 하고 확 와닿는 것들이 있다.
  • 친구와 대화하다가 그가 한말이 너무나 와 닿을 때
  • 세미나에서 발제자가 던진 한마디가 그동안 고민해왔던 문제의 실마리를 줄 때
  • 갑자기 인생에 어떤 이벤트나 계기로 인해  인생의 섭리에 대해 깨우칠 때
이런  마음으로 와닿고 이해가 되는 느낌을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
hit home - ~ 와닿다.
  • [Definition] to really make sense; to make a very good point. 
    • Mary’s criticism of my clothes hit home, so I changed. 
    • Do you think the message really hit home with him?
  • This is where it really hit home for me —
  • that I think really hit home in this project.
  • hit home when my father was diagnosed
  • it really hit home for me.
  • This side of Airbnb really hit home to Sebastian last summer
  • really hit home
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Actually, you said a few things that - hit home. (The L Word)
  • I know it probably sounds crazy, but it just hit home for me. (Perfect Score)
  • that’s when it sort of hit home. (The Laramie Project)
  • The threat has hit home.  (Usual Suspects)
  • But it never really hit home until it happened in my own backyard. It’s ironic, isn’t it? (Home Improvement)
[From News]
  • As the Budget Cuts Hit Home  (NYT)
  •  It really hit home yesterday when I turn on the nightly national news (Economist)
  • Shrinking Salaries Hit Home in Argentina ( NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Perspective hit home tonight.
  • What coach Phillips said to us today really hit home with me and I don’t know why 
  • you listen to those lyrics and let it hit home
1. “무엇을 깨닫다/무엇이 와닿는다”라는 의미를 표현할때  한글로는 “무엇”을  목적어로 쓰지만,
“Something hit home” 표현 같은 경우에는 “무엇이 우리를 깨닫게 하다” 라고 봐야한다.  즉 “무엇”이 주어자리에 있어야한다.
The cool night air was clearing his head and the enormity of his problem was beginning to hit home.
2. 깨닫는 대상자는 for 나 with 로 연결시켜써야한다.
What she said home FOR me 또는 What she said hit home with me
3. hit 대신 strike를 써도 된다.
This is the kind of subject matter that will strike home painfully for many men and women in today’s work force.
  • The essential importance of the order in which information is presented first hit home for me early in my career when I was working for Ross Perot during the 1992 presidential campaign.

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