보통 어떤 것을 주장할 때, 반론의 여지를 짚고 넘어가면 주장을 더 견고하게 만들수 있다.
  • Admittedly, STATEMENT 또는
  • it is true that STATEMENT
등으로 표현할 수 있지만,  회화에서 특히자주쓰이는 표현이 있다.
(this is true..)
  • [Definition] admittedly; it is true (used to introduce a factor that is opposed to the main line of argument but is not regarded as so strong as to invalidate it).
    • Granted, it’s not the most pleasant of jobs but it has to be done.( 인정해, 그것이 가장 즐거운 일은 아니야, 그러나 해야만 하는 일이지.)
[Video] 비디오를 보면 알겠지만, 어떤 사람은 흘기는 식으로 빠르게 말하기 때문에 주의하지않으면 안들릴 수도 있다.
  • Granted, we don’t have everything in between,
  • I mean, granted, nothing he’s been doing
  • church. Granted, he hasn’t been as religious as… do we know off the top of our heads
  • Granted, I just saw the back of her head.
  • Now granted, many of those are white lies.
  • Granted, it’s less than you made at the shipyard.
  • Granted, we have a long way to go.
  • Granted, some mother tongues might sound
  • Granted, we’re not sending humans up at the moment,
  • Granted, my dreams are shy,
  • Granted, it’s limited,
  • Now, granted, for many men
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Now, granted... we can’t rule out other robots’ proximity to the death of Dr. Lanning.  (I Robot)
  • (James) Granted that it’s too easy and a cliche to connect your work with your life in such a direct manner. (Roman Polanski)
  • Well, uh, granted, but the people already wanna watch the show.  (Scrooged)
  • You know, where I come from, Lavinia… which, granted, is a hellhole… in West Hollywood…  (Banger Sisters)
  • Granted, but the fact you´re of de Bleuchamp ancestry… …doesn´t make you the reigning count.  (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
[From News & Others]
  • I maybe wouldn’t have chosen to lead with the camel pic, but granted, it is a great camel pic (Humans of New York)
  • Granted, the Lower 9th Ward is still a ghost town, and will probably remain so. But most of the other badly flooded areas have gradually bounced back. (Economist)
  • Granted, in 2012 Mr Obama ordered that many illegal immigrants brought to America as children should have their deportation proceedings deferred. But that applies only to those who arrived before 2007. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • Packing school lunch for tomorrow. My girl loves to find surprise notes! Granted this doesn’t happen every day (not even close) but I try to do it when I remember. 
  • Granted, there will be risks.
  • I just successfully took a selfie with 15 people in it… Granted they’re all 4 and really short…
granted 는 보통 take for granted의 일부분으로 자주 쓰이는데, 이건 다른 용법이다.

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