이전에 다뤘던 go out of one’s way to VERB 가 “가던 길을 멈추고 잠깐 나와  굳이 일부러 도움을 주는”  느낌이 있었다면,  오늘의 표현은 “무언가를 하기 위해  구지 애쓰면서까지 멀리까지 가는.. “ 느낌의 표현이다.
go to great lengths to VERB
  • [Definition]to try very hard to achieve a result 
    • This champion marathon runner is going to great lengths to help needy children. 
    • Both sides have gone to great lengths to emphasize areas of similarity in their proposals.
  • go to great lengthto verb 다. S를 까먹지 말기를..
  • 이 표현은 [go] [to great lengths] [ to] 로 잘라서 해석하면 안되고  [ go to great lengths to] 라는 관용어로 받아들여야한다.
  • 보통 try very hard(밍밍한 표현) 대신에 쓰기에 좋다.
    • I tried very hard to get the design right -> I went great lengths to get the design right

  • And he goes to great lengths to protect the olive oil from oxygen and light.
  • will go to great lengths to preserve this tiny piece of anatomy —
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Lord. I have seen men go to great lengths to walk out on a girl. (Nightbreed)
  • went to great lengths to please Court. Huge sacrifices were made on my part to keep him happy. (Cruel Intentions)
  • Probably because I’m so sensitive and always going to great lengths to express myself. (Megamind)
  • Fact: It was Andrew Beckett who lied… going to great lengths to conceal his disease from his employers. (Philadelphia)
  • So much so, the Navy have decided to go to great lengths to protect it. (Windtalkers)
[From Twitter]
  • Largest developer in NYC is going to great lengths to stop tenants from Airbnb-ing.
  • China goes to great lengths to ensure Hong Kong protests don’t inspire activism on the mainland.
  • Ask yourself how many of your friends would actually go to great lengths to ensure that you are ok and enjoying life
지우의 피카츄를 뺏기위해 애쓰던 로사와 로이..기억하시는 분?
[From News]
  • People go to great lengths to avoid paying tax (Economist)
  • Perhaps this is why presidents go to great lengths to deliver witty speeches at the Gridiron and White House Correspondents dinners. (Economist)
  • Some parents of unvaccinated children go to great lengths to expose their children to childhood diseases to help them build natural immunities. (NYT)
[From Lyrics]
I’ve gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain. (Bottom by Tool)

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