인생을 살다보면 비판을 해야할 때가 종종있다.
친한 친구라던가, 또 자기가 속한 단체라던가, 또는 정부 기관이:
  • 기대에 부응하지 못할 때,
  • 효율적이지 못할 때
  • 엉망일 때
이럴 때 어떻게 효과적으로 지적/비판 할까?
get one’s act together
  • [Definition] To become serious, organized, worthwhile
    • It didn’t look like he’d ever get his act together, but eventually the project got going.
연기 지망생은 아무래도 연기가 서툴고 엉성하다. 그럴때 감독이 답답해서  ”get your act together!!“하고 소리지를 때의 이미지를 떠올려보라. 딱 요런 느낌이다
니들 똑바로 안할래
[From Moves & TV Shows]
  • I said, here’s a guy that’s got his act together. Here’s somebody who’s got it, all figured out. Here’s somebody who has the answer. I’ll follow you anywhere (Forest Gump)
  • When…are you going to get your act together? (Up In Smoke)
  • You better take her back. She could’ve been yours if you got your act together. (About A Boy)
  • Look, you get your act together, you give me a call. Then we can talk about representation. (The Cheetah Girls: One World)
  • MATT: I thought you were supposed to be getting your act together. ALEXANDRA: I have gotten my act together. (Descendants,)
[From News]
  • Get Your Act Together, the World Tells Europe (Bloomberg)
  • IMF Urges US to Get ‘Act Together‘ on Debt Talks (Bloomberg)
  • Get your act together or we won’t help (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • I kinda still have hope things will turn around if ALL the boys get their act together
  • When are ice cream people going to get their act together and make ice cream with KitKats in it?
  • Seriously, Metro. Get your act together. Smoke appearing at the Woodley Park-Zoo station.
  • You’re not gonna build as much confidence in them, as if you got your act together.
  • to buy us 20 or 30 years to get our act together.
  • And then the Yemeni military got its act together,
  • But is it mainly politicians who are going to have to get their act together,
  • I suppose ultimately the funding bureaucrats have really got to get their act together.
  • You know, up until now, if the West got its act together,

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