두뇌는 한번에 두가지 생각을 못한다고 한다.
그래서 하나에 집중을 하면, 다른 것에 신경을 쓸 수가 없다.
이런 멀티테스킹을 못하는 두뇌의 기능을 잘 대변해주는 표현이있는데….
Quite often, I got so caught up in the details that I failed to see the bigger picture..
(be/get) caught up in X:
크게 두가지 의미로 사용된다:
  1. (활동·생각에) 사로잡히다, 열중케 하다, 몰두시키다 (그래서 다른것에 집중을 못하는).  ==> deeply involved with something; participating actively or closely in something
  2. (군중·사건 등에) 휘말리다 ==> become involved in (something that one had not intended to become involved in):
I often get caught up in my own thoughts…
[From Movies]
  • Don’t get caught up in the lockstep of society’s expectations. (Fire Up!)
  • Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment. ( Battle of Shaker Heights)
  • But a lot of good kids get caught up in this kind of trouble. ( Freddy vs. Jason)
  • It’s good to get caught up… in the feeling of something, the aura. I mean, if everything could be reduced… to verbalizable facts…  (Tadpole)
  • Well, I´m sure you have too much common sense to get caught up in all that (Win A Date With Tad Hamilton)
  • You give an inch here, you give an inch there, you get caught up in the game. And then you realize that the system that you’re trying to change- it changed you. ( Law Abiding Citizen)
[From News]
  • Italian Oil Giant Caught Up in Corruption Investigation (NYT)
  • They are caught up in a fierce price war: even the posh ones, such as Waitrose, promise to match competitors’ prices. (Economist)
  • International forces occasionally find themselves caught up in local disputes.  (Ecnomist)
[From Twitter]
  • caught up in my feelings
  • Be so caught up in your life that you don’t have time to judge anyone else 
  • I have so much I want to talk about.. But everyone is caught up in everything else, so there’s no one here to listen and  help.
[Video] - 실제로 어떻게 쓰이는지 보라
(IMPORTANT) caught up with라는   표현이 있는데, caught up with 와  caught up in 은 완전 의미가 다른 표현이다.
  • Caught up in work = engrossed, preoccupied and absorbed in  = 일에 완전 몰두 된
    • “I was caught up in work can mean that you are swamped with work and are not noticing the things around you.”
  • Caught up with work = up to date with, on schedule, having been behind but now free of any back-log = 일을 따라 잡은
    • “I was caught up with work means that you have done all of your work and you are not behind with your work.”
Practice observing your feelings instead of getting caught up in them

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