어떤 사람이 의견이나 제안을 냈을 때
캐주얼하게 “동의”나 “지지”하는 것을 어떻게 표현할까?
get behind something
  • [Definition] 1) Support someone or something; also, help to promote someone or something. 2) Enjoy, appreciate
    • We must find as many workers as we can to get behind the union.
    • Norma just can’t get behind ballet.
    • She claims the publishers never really got behind her new book.
이 표현은 “뒤에서 밀어주는, 그래서 도움이 되는” 형상에서  유래되었다.
보통 “I agree with you” 또는 “ I support what you are saying”의 의미로
“I can get behind that”를 많이 쓰는데
뉘앙스는 딱 이런 느낌이다 (표정참고)
네 말에 동의해. 잘알겠어. 굳. I can get behind that
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • I mean maybe if you change that M in million to a Z I could get behind it. (Two For The Money)
  • I know what you mean. I picture him doing something stupid like hiring a mariachi band or something. Well, actually, I could get behind that (House)
  • I can get behind that. A dumb cop who’s pretty is better than a dumb cop (The Mentalist )
  • Wait a minute. I can’t get behind that really. (Nine Lives Of Fritz)
  • I really want us to get behind this one. (Life of David Gale)
I can’t get behind that는..“받아들일 수 없어/지지할 수 없어 ” 로 볼 수 있다.
[From News]
  • If you’re a restaurant and you feel like you should get yourname.restaurant, yeah, I can get behind that,” Baer says, noting that his company is considering buying a .marketing URL. (Bloomberg)
  • If you say that big data has privacy concerns I can get behind that. But if you say big data is nonsense,well just keep saying that. (Economist)
  • one’s actual self is something almost anyone can get behind. (NYT)
  • I thought, glancing through the brochures, I could get behind that. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Are we calling Kevin Durant the Weatherman now? I can get behind that nickname.
  • Alright Larry, I get it, I can get behind that. Best of luck to you, stay true to yourself.
  • National #hotbreakfast Month? We can get behind that.
  • I think the folks in the yard are going to get behind me.
  • It’s not something everyone can get behind
  • the way they get behind helping Haiti,
  • and get behind the people who are doing stuff.
  • to get behind this wireless health institute.
  • stories that an advertiser would normally never get behind.
[Video 2]
William Shatner 의 “I Can’t Get Behind That” 란 제목의 음악에서 그가 하는 말을 들어보면 이 표현의 뉘앙스를 완전히 알 수 있다..
1. get behind X는 X를 서포트하다/지지하다라는 뜻이지만,
“get behind the wheel”는 운전하다라는 뜻으로 완전히 다른 표현이다
  • Mia was behind the wheel, and Kim was studying the map.
2. get behind가 자동사(without object) 로 쓰일 경우에는 ”밀리다/늦춰지다”의 뜻으로 쓰인다.
  • She’d been sick so often that, she was getting behind with her schoolwork.
  • I’m getting behind with my work

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