우리는 살면서 하기로 하거나 해야하는 것을 머리로는 아는데, 실제 행동으로 “아직” 옴기지 않은 것들이 많다. 예를 들면
  • 핸드폰에 음악리스트 업데이트하기로 마음먹었는데, 아직 하지 않은…
  • 스페인어를 마스터 하기로 마음먹었는데, 아직 시작하지 않은..
  • 여행가기로 여러군데 버킷리스트에 적어놨지만, 아직 실행으로 안옴긴..
  • 어떤 드라마가 재미있다고 소문나서 보기로 마음먹었지만, 아직 한편도 안본…
등 말이다.
이것을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
get around to
  • [Definition] to find time to do something
이 표현의 구조는 get around to + 명사형 이다.
to 가 나왔다고 동사를 쓰는 실수는 범하지 말자
I finally got around to study programming! (X)
I finally got around to studying programming (O)
[From Movies]
  • By the time we got around to production this had changed to “Someone to Watch Over Me,” (Brick)
  • We never got around to taking care of it legally, but you should know he meant to leave the money to me. (August: Osage County)
  • Ah, well, l never got around to seeing the real Africa. (Daktari)
  • Always intended to follow them someday, but, uh - Never got around to it. (Rawhide)
  • I finally got around to putting things at home. (Earth: Final Conflict)
[From Twitter]
  • Finally got around to canceling my Wildstar subscription.. 3 months since I logged in last.
  • actually got around to downloading my thousands of pictures off my ipod
  • Finally got around to reading this lovely article about the relationship between fathers and sons,
  • Haven’t got around to it yet but — I may.
  • I finally got around to calculus as a 32-year-old tenured professor at Harvard,
  • but we never got around to returning it.”
  • They never get around to logging into a complicated website
  • We were just getting around to
  • you don’t actually get around to the point
  • And if you get out and walk around to the other side of the car,
  • get around to it. (Laughter)
  • And then, eventually, I got around to looking in my bucket.
  • They never get around to logging into a complicated website
  • “Eh, I never get around to brushing and flossing as much as I should,”
  • And I had finally got around to doing some draft stripping,

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