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수업에 빠졌다. 그런데 친구 Dan이 수업 무슨내용이였는지 이메일로 정리를 잘 해줬다.
“자세하게 갈켜줘서 고맙다고” 고마움을 표현하고싶은데, 뭐라고 답장해야할까
  • Thank you for summarizing the lecture in detail
  • Thank you for everything
  • Thank you for the information
등 다 되긴하는데, 이것보다 더 concise하고 이런 상황에 자주쓰이는 표현이 있으니….
Fill someone in :
  • [Definition] to tell someone the details about someone or something.
    • Please fill me in on what happened last night. 
    • Please fill in the committee on the details.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Okay, you got to fill me in on this mile business (Up in the Air Script)
  • Fill me in. Did Cullen’s assistant admit to the affair? (Devil’s Advocate)
  • Fill me in on your patients. (ER)
  • A: Will someone please fill me in? B: Well, you see, Peg, it all started with Mr. Smithers’s mother-in-law. (Desk Set)
  • John, you wanna fill me in on your plans?(Space Truckers)
  • Danny, please, you gotta fill me in. What are you talking about?  (Singing Detective)
  • I’d appreciate it if you could both fill me in on exactly what happened. (Dynasty)
[From News]
  • They have been filling me in on their short, eventful history. (NYT)
  • It’s a mystery to me why that is — maybe some economist can fill me in? (Ecnomoist)
[From Twitter]
  • Thank you Nina for filling me in on the weather for the next seven days
  • Now I know why my wedges have scratches and grass stains all over them.. thanks forfilling me in
[From Email]
  • Yes, thanks a lot Jeremy for filling me in on this.
보통 thank you for…이나 please… 뒤에 따라온다

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