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발표나 에세이를 쓸 때
문제점, 단점, 또는 안타까운 점을 제시할 때, 엄청 자주 쓰이는 표현이 있다
fall short
  • [Definition] 
    • (of a missile) fail to reach its target.
    • (figurative) be deficient or inadequate; fail to reach a required goal.
1. fall short의 어원은 archery(활쏘기)에서 유래되었다.
화살이 과녁에 맞기전에(short) 떨어지는(fall) 이미지에서 “~에 미치지 못하는”  또는 “부족한” 의미를 가지게 되었다.
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2. ”X 에 미치지 못하다” 는
fall short of X로 표현한다.
  • the total vote fell short of the required two-thirds majority
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[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • But, unfortunately for Lynette, this new label frequently fell short of what was advertised (Desperate Housewives)
  • My arrow fell short! - Aim higher. (Attila)
  • Mr. Rayder, where do you think your strategy fell short? (Reckless)
  • You guys did a really good job first time out of the gate here, but there were a few that really fell short. (Face Off)
  • Well, if it fell short of your expectation in any way… …then I apologize most sincerely. (I Capture The Castle)
sombrero: 모자 (in Spanish)
[From News]
  • Where Schools Fall Short (MYT)
  • Yet Pandora’s guidance for the current quarter still fell short. (Bloomberg)
  • WHEN a champion sprinter falls short of his best speeds, it takes a while to determine whether he is temporarily on poor form or has permanently lost his edge. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • The Rockets’ fourth quarter comeback fell short as Dallas held on for a 111-100 win.
  • Wellington loses 57-54. Great come back fell short
  • Wal-Mart bumps its minimum wage to $9 an hour, but workers say it “still falls short
[From Academia]
  • Efforts to sustain biodiversity fall short. (Nature)
  • A leading explanation for how disease migrates falls short on clinical evidence. (Nature)
  • Because PrePPI relies on structural representatives of sequence families, it falls short in mapping membrane protein interactions. (Nature)
  • See, this is where my female advice skills fall short.
  • the more words fall short, and I’m unable to do it justice.
  • Now that’s something I fall short of on a daily basis.

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