사자와의 결투에서 패배하면, 그 후 따라오는 것은 그의  먹이감이 되는 것 뿐이다.
먹이감이 된다는 것은 “패배” 또는 “결정권의 상실”의 상징인데,  우리는 살면서 이렇게 어떤 것의 “먹이감” 이 될 때가 많다.
  • 유혹에 못이겨서 어떤 것에 넘어갈 때 (바람, 술 중독, 마약 등 )
  • distraction
  • 피곤함
  • 귀차니즘
  • “정 때문에” 못 헤어지는 현상
  • 세일즈맨의 현란한 말빨
이렇게 어떤 세력의 먹이감이 되는 것을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
fall prey to somebody/something
  • [Definition] to be harmed by someone or something
먹이감은 “prey”이라  어떤 것의 먹이감이 되다를 “become prey to something”라고 생각할 수도 있는데, 관용적인 표현은 “fall prey to something” 이다.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • JULIE (V.O.) “It’s easy to fall prey to petty jealousy when considering the young life of Ted Nelson. But how would any of us behave if one day all our dreams came true? (Who’s Your Daddy)
  • please don’t drop fifty stories in my opinion of you by falling prey to that latest of trendy beasts. HOLDEN Which is? HOOPER Lesbian chic. (Chasing Amy)
  • The living hid themselves away in tiny hamlets in hopes of surviving whatever new madness conspired to rob them of the little that remained. The Earth itself had fallen prey to chaos. For three years a dirty snow fell that even summer could not erase. (Postman)
  • With the wedding approaching, Miranda fell prey to the siren song of a singles event. (Sex and the City)
  • In numerous Gaelic poems dating all the way back to the seventh century, they tell of a man who fell prey to great evil, and died shackled in a dungeon, a victim of wrongful captivity.(MacGyver)
[From News]
  • PCs Fall Prey to Slower Upgrade Cycles (Bloomberg)
  • The newspapers run stories about small businesspeople falling prey to loan sharks. (Economist)
  • Unfortunately, he fell prey to some things a lot of people outside sports fall prey to. He had a problem. Everybody was hoping he could kick it and find a way to beat it. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Stay determined. Believe in your destiny. Don’t fall prey to the distractions.
  • “Those of you who have fallen prey to any kind of addiction, there is hope.”
  • Education falls prey to Ebola in Sierra Leone: Amid lingering disease fears and economic fallout, most children have stayed away from recently reopened schools.
  • that prevent us from falling prey to these behaviors,
  • Promised virtues fall prey to the passions of the moment.
  • to fall prey to the fundamental attribution adder.
  • And introverts are much less likely to fall prey to that dynamic. I mean they sometimes
  • do, this stuff is not black and white, but they’re less likely to fall prey to it.
  • now we must see that their country does not fall prey to
  • willpower, not capacity. It’s a matter of refusing to fall prey to the cynicism and
Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/

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