효자손은 혼자서 등가려움을 없앨 수 있게 만들어준 혁신적인 도구이다.
그런데 이 어메이징한 도구는 훈육용 회초리로도 많은 부모님들께 애용되는데..
이처럼  ”기존의 목적이외에 다른 용도로도 사용되는 것”을 은유적으로 어떻게 표현할까?
do double duty
  • [Definition]
    • to do two jobs at one time 
      • Kudrow does double duty in the show, playing her regular role and the character’s twin sister.
    •  be used for two different activities
      • Three conference rooms do double duty as dining rooms when the main dining room is full.
[From Movies]
  • Our ships’ll have to do double duty. (In Harm’s Way)
  • Needless to say, some of us have to pull double duty. (Lost)
  • He disappeared and left me doing double duty for weeks, ok? (The Listener )
  • Don’t open your eyes or it’ll burrrn, burn, burn. The smell helps clear your sinuses too, so it’s doing double duty. (Four Rooms)
[From Twitter]
  • Yoga and jogging pull double duty by improving memory, battling cancer, and keeping you younger.
  • Do you know a woman that pulls double duty as a mom and an entrepreneur - a #MOMpreneur?
“This cooler  does double duty as an air conditioner!”
[From News]
  • Wallet or handbag? Chained clutches do double duty in warmer months. (Bloomberg)
  • But plenty of words do such double-duty, like “suspicious” and “doubtful”, without raising ire, as Ben Zimmer pointed out a few years ago. (Economist)
  • Movies or Music Files? A Jukebox Does Double Duty (NYT)
[From Internet]
  • The pool does double-duty as a hot tub in the winter months, so it is rather small. (tripadvisor)
  • The carnation centerpieces did double duty at the wedding: They lined the ceremony aisles and were later transported to the reception to serve as centerpieces. (FollowPics)
  • Take the 13th-century British tome that did double duty as an impromptu shield for a hapless monk when the Vikings attacked his monastery. (stanford news)
  • He did double duty as coach and athletic director for five years before he became a full-time as athletic director. (recordnet)
1. alliteration이 모든 단어에서 쓰이는 것을 기억하시길
ddouble duty
2. 예를들어 “ ~ can also be used as X”라는 표현이 있으면
“does double duty as X” 를 쓰는 것이 훨씬 낫다.
이유는 1) 밍밍한 수동태를 없애주고 2)대신 의인법(personification)을 사용하여 표현할 수 있기 때문이다.
3. 불필요한  관사 조심!
  • do the double duty (X)
  • do double duty (O)
4. 같은의미로 pull double duty라고 쓸 수 있기도 하나(예문참조), do double duty 가 훨씬 자주 쓰이고 표준어다.
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