“그녀와 나는 정말 다르다.”
“얼마나 다른데..? “
different as night and day
  • [Definition] completely different. (*Also: as ~.) 
    • Although Bobby and Billy are twins, they are as different as night and day. 
    • Birds and bats appear to be similar, but they are different as night and day.
말컴클레드웰이 스토리텔링 중 night and day phrase를 쓰는 부분
[From Movies]
  • I never wanted. They couldn’t agree on nothing. It was like night and day. But she doesn’t make any arrangements (Cake Boss)
  • It’s moments like these that really point out how different we are I mean,like, night and day. (The Real L Word)
  • Cassar and Siro are like night and day. (Mortal Kombat Conquest)
  • You know, Nerys observing humanoid relationships and being in one are very different things. Like night and day. (Star Trek)
  • It really makes a difference. like night and day. (Funny Games)
[From Twitter]
  • I swear we’re like night and day
  • Like night and day.” — #Mavs coach Rick Carlisle on the difference in guard Devin Harris this year and last year
  • http://Healthcare.gov  2.0 is “night and day from last year,” its new CEO tells me in an exclusive interview.
이 표현은 회화에서 자주 쓰이지만,  cliche라 에세이 같은 데서는  가급적 쓰지 않는게 좋다

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