명강의들중에서 자주 나오는 단어 Quintessential. 그건 과연 무엇인가
[Perfect Examples] An essential chocolate cake is one you can’t get by without, even if other chocolate cakes are actually better.
quintessential chocolate cake is a perfect example of a chocolate cake,but not necessarily important or needed
Essential : essence of something (necessary for supporting the basics/a survival support
Quintessential : essence of a thing in the purest form (for comfort/luxury/showoff etc.)
[Examples from Movies]
-Judy then shaves the entire top of Jimmy’s head, giving him the quintessential male pattern baldness look ( Jimmy and Judy)
-our cells are completely regenerating every seven years. We’ve already become completely different people several times over, and yet we always remain quintessentially ourselves. ( Waking Life)
-This is the quintessential yes-or-no question of our time ( Lions For Lambs )
- it’s the quintessential teaser trailer ( September 2003)

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