인생을 살면서 우리는 다음과 같이 행동하는 사람을 보거나 우리자신이 이렇게 하는 경우를 종종 경험한다.
  • 40분동알 달렸지만 보상으로 초콜렛 아이스크림을 먹을 때
  • 점심을 건강하게 먹겠다고 샐러드를 만들어갔지만, 아주 새콤하고 fattening 한 드레싱을 쓸 때
  • 영어공부을 위해 유학을 왔지만, 삶의 99.9%에서 한국어로만 생활할 때
  • 일의 productivity 을 높인다고 App다운받고, 자기계발서 등을 읽고 하지만, 정작 일은 안하고 그것만 할 때
즉 “어떤 목적을 위해 어떤 행동을 취했지만 곧바로 그 목적을 위배하는 행동을 취할 때..” 이런 안타까운 상황을 어떻게 묘사할까?
defeat the purpose
  • [Definition] be against the purpose of something, to nullify the purpose of something. Do something that sabotages the thing that you are trying to accomplish. 
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Well, feeling bad defeats the purpose of being - a psychopath, doesn’t it? (Hannibal)
  • That would kind of defeat the purpose, now wouldn’t it? (Play It Again, Dick)
  • if you don’t wear ’em as you ride up, that just defeats the purpose. (Django Unchained)
  • What’s the point of skimming if we’re being skimmed? It defeats the purpose. (Casino)
  • A: Chewing tobacco defeats the purpose of drinking kale, doesn’t it? B:Well, I like to think that they cancel each other out, maybe. (Orange Is the New Black)
[From News]
  • Discretionary sentencing defeats the purpose of any law, be it gun control, grand larceny or murder, because it vitiates the deterrent effect of that law. (NYT)
  • It defeats the purpose if most students don’t complete, doesn’t it? (Economist)
  • For gold bugs who fears Armageddon and big government, this defeats the purpose of owning physical gold. (Bloomberg)
[From Twitter]
  • If u have to tell your significant other to post about u, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
  • Went for a run today + got ice cream as a reward ?? kinda defeats the purpose of running (walking) but whatever
  • Watching cops and the guy being chased in the car is using his signal lights when he turns hahaha doesn’t that defeat the purpose !!!
보통 질문형으로 많이 쓰인다.
  • Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
  • Allow. I could turn him off but he wouldn’t give me warnings at all and it would defeat the purpose.
  • it somewhat defeats the purpose of selecting a live lobster.
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Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/.

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