돌고 돌아 원점으로 돌아오는 것들이 있다. 1. 시작과 끝, 그리고 반복. 예를 들자면 학교. 입학하고, 열심히 살다가, 졸업하면… 다시 새내기 of something 2. Random act of kindness. 누구에게 선을 베풀면, 그것은 어떻게든 돌아오기 마련이다 3. 생각의 변화: “난 사람이 좋아 “-> “아 사람 좀 없는 곳으로 가고 싶다. ” –> “결국엔 사람..이 제일 중요하구나” “College life coming full circle… have I changed at all?”


  1. To complete a cycle of transition, returning to where one started after gaining experience or exploring other things.
  2. To return to the original position or state of affairs.


  1. come full circle은 셰익스피어의 4대 비극중 하나인 리어왕(King Lear)에서 유래된 말이다. 배다른 형 에드거를 죽이려고 음모를 짰던 에드먼드가 결국 형한테 죽임을 당할 때 내뱉은 말이다. image_img Image source: internetshakespeare EDGAR
    My name is Edgar, and thy father’s son.
    내 이름은 에드가아인데 네 아버지의 아들이다.
    The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices
    Make instruments to plague us. The dark and vicious place where thee he got Cost him his eyes.
    하나님은 공평하셔서 어두운 곳에서 너를 낳은 죄많은 아버지는 그 벌로 두눈이 멀었다. EDMUNDD
    Thou’st spoken right. ‘Tis true. The wheel is come full circle. I am here.
    형님 말씀이 옳소, 그것이 사실이요. 운명의 바퀴는 완전히 한바퀴 돌아서 내가 이 지경이 되었소. King Lear Act 5, scene 3, 171-175
  2. come full circle말고 bring someone a full cirlce의 형태로도 쓰인다.


  • It’s back to just you and me now. We’ve come full circle. (Back-up Plan)
  • They turn and see that, unfortunately they have come full circle and are right back in the courtyard. (Labyrinth)
  • Now we’ve come full circle. We’re back to Montgomery or Birmingham, Alabama. The only thing missing is Sheriff Bull Connor and the German shepherds. (Do The Right Thing)
  • It’s all gonna come full circle and bite you in the ass. Mark my words. (Cooler)
  • It was a strange moment for me because it reminded me of my mother and despite the fact that I was late for something already I just stayed there, loving the atmosphere of it and my memory and… the reason I’m telling you this epilogue is that I felt that I’d come full circle. (Leaving Las Vegas)


  • Korea Comes Full Circle in One Generation as Aging Crisis Looms (Bloomberg)
  • A Life of Noodles Comes Full Circle. (NYT)
  • Family planning advertising campaigns show how the country has now come full circle on children and aging. (Bloomberg)


  • Been waiting a good 3 years for this album to finally come full circle.
  • Everything comes full circle, one way or another.
  • When kindness comes full circle


  • it’s like a big — it’s come full circle.
  • But probably the most remarkable thing is that it comes full circle.
  • “Lost”! I had no idea! And I realized, holy shit, it’d come full circle.
  • Which bring me full circle and points directly to the core issue,
  • I click on him, and I really thought he was going to bring me full circle twice, in fact.


  • Is it a slang? No.
  • Can I use it in an email? Yes.
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? Yes.
  • Frequency? A LOT

context plot data source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/


유래는 셰익스피어이지만, 이 표현이 본격적으로 많이 쓰인 것은 1800년대 초 부터인 것을 확인할 수 있다. ngram_img image source: Google Ngram


  1. 이 관용어에서는 circle을 복수화 하지 말 것.
  2. Life comes full circles (X)
  3. Life comes full circle (O)