인생을 살면서, 특히 스피치 할 때 자주 나오는 표현이 있다.
“~ 하는 사람, 손들어보세요
이 표현을 영어로는 어떻게 할까?
raise your hand if <질문> 으로 직역해서 말할 수도 있지만, 이런 상황에 특히 자주 쓰이는 phrase 가 있으니…
By a show of hands
  • [Definition]  expressed by people raising their hands.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • By a show of hands how many of you were bothered|by this woman’s singing outside? (Friends)
  • Now by a show of hands, how many of you people went to college?  (Everybody Hates Chris)
  • Look, by a show of hands here how many of y’all got a sense of humor, huh? (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air )
  • I need to know by a show of hands how many of you aren’t gonna be able to make it.  (Scrubs)
  • Everybody back. Now, just by a show of hands, who’s still voting guilty? (Monk)
[From Twitter]
  • By a show of hands, how many people are annoyed with my band related posts?
  • By a show of hands: who realized today that they are more emotionally invested in baseball than in relationships with other humans?
  • By a show of hands, who’s ready to rage?
[From News]
  • These things should no more be decided by a poll of judges than by a show of hands from the audience (NYT)
  • And there are still Aldermen and Sheriffs, usually elected by a show of hands.  (Economist)
  • By a show of hands, that proposal was voted down. (NYT)
  1. A show of hands 다. a를 까먹지 말자
  2. Video 섹션을 꼭보길 추천한다. 보면 알겠지만, 전치사 by를 생략하고 자주 쓴다. 즉  ”a show of hands”를 명사로만 써도 된다.
  • I’m going to do this as a show of hands:
  • Now, a second question. Again, a show of hands:
  • By a show of hands, were you right?
  • don’t need a show of hands
  • So just by a show of hands, how many of you all have a robot at home?
  • , by a show of hands — we’ll start with the easiest one —
  • let me have a show of hands, who of you —
  • Let’s do a show of hands — iPhone.
  • quick show of hands —
  • I’m curious, show of hands, who agrees with it?
  • So let me ask for a show of hands.
  • I ask for a show of hands
  • Can we do a quick show of hands?

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