• 이 분야에서 일하면 ”대충” 연봉이 얼마나되죠?
  • “어림잡아” 여기서부터 달까지 거리가 얼마나될까?
  • 여기서 파리까지 가는데 “대충” 몇시간 걸리더라?
여기서 “대충”을 영어로 어떻게 할까? approximate을 써도 되긴하지만, 음절이 4개(A-PPROX-I-MATE)라 발음하기 귀찮다.
“대충”, “어림”을 이야기할 때  미국사람들이 은근 자주쓰는 표현이 있는데…
ballpark estimate/figure 
  • [Definition] a number which is only approximate, but which should be near to the correct number:
ballpark 은 야구장을 의미하는데,
공이 홈런을 맞아 관중석이나 경기장 밖으로 나가는 것은 드물고 , 거의 대충 모든 공이 야구장 안으로 떨어지기에 이와같은 표현(어떠한 바운더리 안에 참 값이 있는)이 나왔다고 한다.  통계를 공부하신 분은 confidence interval(신뢰구간) 을 생각해도 괜찮을 것 같다.
[From Movies]
  • So, I’d ballpark that somewhere around twenty-five grand.  (She’s Out of My League)
  • VINCENT: Not the same thing, the same ballpark. JULES:It ain’t no ballpark either. (Pulp Fiction)
  • You know, some- some woman who probably had some kind of ballpark resemblance to Mrs. House. (Manhattan Murder Mystery)
  • And by justice, we mean somewhere in the ballpark of ten million dollars…. (Harold and Kumar)
  • Give me a ballpark guess (Amityville Horror)
[From Twitter]
  • Just adding an underscore to someone else’s Twitter ID is a ridiculous “disguise”. Not even in the same ballpark as clever.
  • Lady at the AT&T store was literally speechless when I gave her a ballpark estimate of what I’ve spent on iTunes.
  • A general idea of the cost of making an app. Not 100% but you get the ballpark figure.
[From News]
  • For a ballpark estimate, simpletuition will compare offerings from more than 45 lenders. (NYT)
  • However, at the beginning of the downturn, 2009, most eurozone countries had piled up debt already in the ballpark of 60 percent (Economist)
  • “She couldn’t remember the exact number, so she threw a ballpark figure out there,” he said. (NYT)

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