as opposed to라는 숙어는 미국에서 참 많이 쓰인다,
필자 역시 이 숙어의 유용함을 깨닫고 나서부터는 많은 상황에서 이 표현을 쓰기시작했다.
하지만 아는 것과 설명하는 것과 다르다고..
5년 전 이 표현를 한국인 친구한테 설명해주려고 했을 때  (YES. I M LOOKING AT YOU, BRO) 정확한 뉘앙스를 말로 표현하지 못하여 엄청 애를 먹었다.
친구는 갓 배운 표현으로 여러가지 문장들을 지었는데 뭔가 어색했고, 나는 그것이 왜 이상한지 콕집어 말하지 못했다.
오늘은 “자주는 쓰이는데 구지 설명하고자하면 헷갈리는 “as opposed to” 를 정복해보자
as opposed to
  • [Definition] in contrast to, rather than, instead of.
5년전  이 표현을 시원하게 설명하지 못한 이유는 주어진 context에 따라 as opposed to 가 다른 의미로 쓰여진다는 사실을 자각하지 못했기 때문이다.
그렇다면 각 상황마다 어떻게 as opposed to가 다르게 쓰일까?
[Instead of - context]
  • HANNA: Should I let him go?  SOPHIE: As opposed to what? Yes, you should let him go. (Hanna)
한나: 나 그 남자 보내줘야하나 ? -> Should I let him go?
소피: 그럼 안보내주게? (안보내주는 대신에 뭐라도 하게?) -> as opposed to what?(what would you do instead?) Yes, you should let him go
이 상황에서는 instead of 의 뉘앙스로  as opposed가 쓰였다.
[In contrast to - context]
  • TOM: You’re looking well this morning, Madge.  MAEGE: As opposed to what? Do I normally look like a used tea bag? (Still Open All Hours)
탐: 너 오늘 아침에 괜찮아 보이더라 ->You’re looking well this morning, Madge.
메이지: (그럼 평소에는 안괜찮았다는게냐)  -> As opposed to what?
평소 메이지의 평소 상태와 탐이 오늘 목격한 것과의 대조됨때문에 as opposed to가 쓰였다.
[Rather than - context]
  • An online dating survey revealed that 81% of men preferred a woman with a relaxed and natural looking hairstyle as opposed to all glammed up (From Twitter)
보통 생각하기에 화려하게 치장한 여자를 남자들이 선호할 줄 알았는데 연구결과로는 자연스러운 스타일의 여자들을 선호한다는,  즉 생각과 빗나갔기 때문에 rather than의 뉘앙스로 as opposed to 가 쓰였다.
이처럼 의미가 context마다 달라지니 자칫 헷갈릴수도 있다. 그렇기때문에 밑의 예문과 예문비디오를 통해 귀로 습득하려고 노력하자.
처음에는 헷갈려도, 여러 상황을 한가지 표현으로 묘사할 수 있기때문에 다소 경제적이다.
[From Movies]
  • MANAGER: I want to talk to you about being your manager. EMPLOYEE: As opposed to what? MANAGER: As opposed to nothing, which is what I am now. (Entourage)
  • I pretend that we’re the oldest and dearest friends — as opposed to what we actually are, people who don’t know each other’s names and met in a Chat Room  (You’ve Got Mail )
  • As opposed to just having the disease, he now seems to BE the disease itself.  (Slither)
  • A: If you stay here, there’s a very real chance that you could die. B: As opposed to what? Living forever? (Dead Zone)
  • A: They’re humans. You’re talking abstractions. B: As opposed to what? Meeting every factory worker in America? Reviewing every line of computer code and giving little check marks?(West Wing)
[From News]
  • We were way more ready for it as opposed to (the Exxon spill) when we were figuring it out as we went along. (NYT)
  • A lot of these centers were started up with a specific advocacy role in mind, as opposed to an educational role (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Folks asking me why I’d go to a theater to see a special showing of The Breakfast Club as opposed to renting it on Netflix..I can’t help you
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[Video] - 워낙 자주쓰이는 표현이라 예문비디오가 많다! 
  • as opposed to steam ships or big factories where you’re not making as many units,
  • as opposed to what I knew it as, “The Lord is my shepherd.”
  • that I took for granted, as opposed to focusing
  • as opposed to the parts about homosexuality is a sin,
  • We were very reactive, as opposed to being proactive
  • as opposed to a one-course meal,
  • That’s as opposed to billions just a few years ago.
  • It is abundance, as opposed to scarcity.
  • as opposed to defenders.
  • as opposed to — this is what we try and serve.
  • as opposed to coming to a clinic with medical concerns
  • as opposed to internal, genetically predetermined
  • as opposed to the top-down control
  • as opposed to text that [is] in our books.
  • as opposed to that distribution.
  • as opposed to the nearby Mass. Ave. full of cars;
  • at the hands of another man, as opposed to passing away
  • or thrive, as opposed to just survive? What I believe is
[Context] query:“as opposed to” c   Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/.

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