“컴퓨터가 제대로 작동하지 않습니다” 를 뭐라고 할까?
My computer is not working well
이라고 말할수 있겠다.
하지만 한국어로도 “이 컴퓨터가 말을 안듣네...” 라고 표현할 수 있듯이, 좀더 감정을 담아 표현할수 없을까?
영어에도 비슷한 표현이 있다.
My computer is acting up…@#$@#$@#$
act up
[Definition]  : [for a thing or a person] to behave badly.
[Korean] : (사람이) 말을 안 듣다, 버릇없이 굴다   2. (무엇이) 말을 안 듣다[제 기능을 못하다]
  • This car is acting up again.
  • My computer began acting up and I lost a whole day’s work.
  • Sometimes kids act up because they just want attention.
[From Movies]
  • Is your foot acting up again?  (Box)
  • My ankIe sure is acting up. -I gotta get home. ( The Good Girl)
  • He’s acting up at home. He won’t eat his vegetables. (17 Again)
  • Mr. Miller, Adam is acting up so badly in the audience. He’s calling attention to himself… …shouting, throwing his hands in the air (An Evening With Kevin Smith)
  • Let me guess: the car’s acting up again (The Listener)
  • Is your arthritis acting up, and you can’t clap your hands?  (Shake It Up)
[From Twitter]
  • when kids are acting up and the mom says “wait till your dad gets home” and they immediately act right.. i cant wait to be that dad.
act up, to become active라는 의미로 쓰이는데, 보통 알레르기가 발동되었을 때 쓰인다.
  • Her allergies acted up when she went hiking in the woods.
  • Allergies is acting up this morning.

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