우리는 살면서 이런말을 할 때가 있다.
  • ~ 는 실패의 지름길이야
  • ~는 성공의 지름길이야
  • ~는 행복의 지름길이야
이런 표현을 영어로 하면 shortcut for failure이라고 할수 있는데, 이렇게 표현하는 것보다 좀 더 관용적인 숙어가 있다.
recipe for disaster
  • [Definition]  if something is a recipe for disaster, happiness, success etc., it is very likely to cause this 
    • Living with your husband’s family is a recipe for disaster.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Going into the field with someone who doesn’t have the proper training is a recipe for disaster. (Burn Notice )
  • Otherwise it’s just a recipe for disaster. (Up in the Air)
  • It’s a recipe for disaster. Mia, do something impulsive for once in your life. You’re getting married. (Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement )
  • Now that, right there, that’s a recipe for disaster. (Soul Men)
  • Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster. (Everybody Hates Chris)
[From News]
  • “It’s a recipe for disaster,” said Pawan Duggal, a New Delhi lawyer who argues information-technology cases before India’s Supreme Court. (Bloomberg)
  • Short-term gains favored over long-term investments are a perfect recipe for disaster in the sciences. (Economist)
  • Interfering with the convertibility of capital at a moment like this is a recipe for disaster. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Asking a man to change is a recipe for disaster! Never go that route!
  • My cookbook contains 100’s of dishes, each with the same recipe for disaster.
  • Republican lawmakers are trying to loosen gun regulations in schools across the country. It’s a recipe for disaster
  • A recipe for disaster 에서 관사 “a”를 까먹지 말자

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