“완전 적절한 예”를 영어로 뭐라고할까?
“a perfect example” 이라고 할수 있겠다.
하지만 언어는 음악과 비슷해서, 같은 말도 다르게 표현할수있다.
“Perfect example”과 의미는 비슷하지만,  ”박자” 나 “어감” 이 다른 표현이 있는데…
A case in point : 

     : a specific example of what one is talking about.

  • [KOREAN DEFINITION] : 유례; 좋은 예; 자기가 화제로 삼고 있는 일의 예. (논의 중인 문제·상황 등에) 딱 들어맞는 사례
[Video] - 느낌을 정확하게 알려면 비디오를 보라
  • Now of course, this does not mean that we should all stop collaborating — and case in point, is Steve Wozniak famously coming together with Steve Jobs to start Apple Computer
  • And they definitely do have ears. But I think sometimes they don’t use them when they’re designing buildings.Here’s a case in point. This is a 32-million-pound flagship academy school.
[From Movies & TV shows]
  • Case in point would be Day v. McDonough, docket 041325. I am actually inclined to agree with you, Mr. Shelton.  ( Law Abiding Citizen)
  • A case in point in anger’s ability to change us is my mother.  ( Upside of Anger)
  • Case in point — McNugget originally created from old chickens that could no longer lay eggs (Super Size Me)
  • And, uh, as a case in point I’d like you to meet… …a very special friend of mine.  (The Last Mimzy)
  • (In response to : How was the date?) Well, let me put it this way- I learned more about Jimmy Moon than I ever wanted to know. Case in point- he’s ambidextrous. (7th Heaven)
[From News]
  • Use adjectives to make your meaning more precise and be cautious of those you find yourself using to make it more emphatic. The word very is a case in point. (Economist)
  • The rapid economic growth of India, based on its prominence as a software and IT services hub, is a case in point. ( Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • A simple soup is a great way to enjoy the season’s bounty. Case in point: Summer Squash and Corn Chowder.
  • Cinema in 2019 is a mess. Everyone rips off everybody else - the repackaged reissue of “Schindler’s List: D’Movie” is a case in point.

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