“나 (그것보다) 더 중요한 거 할거있어”
라는 생각이 많이 들게된다. 그럴 때 쓰기 좋은 표현이 있다.
I have bigger fish to fry
have bigger fish to fry : to have other things to do; to have more important things to do
  • I can’t take time for your problem. I have other fish to fry. 
  • I won’t waste time on your question. I have bigger fish to fry.
많은 영어 숙어가 alliteration [ 발음듣기: uh-lit-uh-rey-shuhn,], 즉 절(phrase)에 속에 있는 단어들의 두음(initial sound of a word)을 맞추는것인데, 입에 착착 붙는 느낌때문에 자주 사용된다.  이 표현 역시 alliteration을 사용한것이다.
Fish to Fry
[From Movies]
  • But we’ve got some bigger fish to fry.  Hand over the flight suits. ( Men in Black 3)
  • You’ve got way bigger fish to fry than confronting fucking Brian Speer. Are you recording this? ( Descendants )
  • We’ve got bigger fish to fry, don’t we, Joe? ( Meet Joe Black )
  • Anyway, I’ve got much bigger fish to fry. Have you ever come across anything like this before?  ( Princess Mononoke )
  • I still think there’re bigger fish to fry out there.  ( 21 )
[From Twitter]
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So if everyone has bigger fish to fry, what happens to smaller fish?

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