연애초반에 괜히 관심 없는척하는 행동을 보통 ”튕귄다”또는 “밀당한다” 라고 표현을 하는데…
이러한 유니버셜한 현상을 영어로는 뭐라고할까?
play hard to get: 
  • Definition: to pretend that you are less interested in someone than you really are as a way of making them more interested in you, especially at the start of a romantic relationship (often in continuous tenses)
    • Why don’t you return any of his calls? Are you playing hard to get?
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[From Movies]
  • Well, first, you must play hard to get. If it is too easy, he loses interest. He must feel that he is, uh, a hunter, and you are a beautiful wild animal he is hunting. ( The Man Who Cried )
  • Come on, don’t play hard to get, tell me. ( What Just Happened)
  • You know sometimes people play hard to get because they need to know the other person’s feelings are real.  ( One Tree Hill)
  • Sometimes you got to play hard to get. Cold and detached is a very powerful aphrodisiac, babe. So is abstinence. You want to try it? (Chuck)
  • Don’t play hard to get with a man who’s hard to get. (Sex and the City)
이 표현은 얼핏보면 문법적으로 이상해보일수도있다.
그것은 바로 이 표현을
( play hard) (to get)
=(완전심하게 놀다)(얻기위해)
이라고 잘못 자르면 그렇다.
저렇게 자를것이아니라
(play) (hard to get )
 =(플레이하다)(“hard to get”이라는 것을)
로 의미를 잘라야 맞다. 즉 “hard to get”이라는, 즉 “연애 초반에 하는 행동을 일컬어 저렇게 보는 미국적인 하나의 개념”으로 이해해야 맞다.

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