미국사람들이 자주쓰는 비유중에 “낮게 걸려있는  열매”(low hanging fruit) 라는 재미있는 표현이 있다.
말그대로 낮게 걸려있어서, 따기 쉬운, 즉 별로 노력이나 자원 없이 얻을수 있는 것을 의미할때 쓰는 표현이다.
low hanging fruit
low-hanging fruit
Low-hanging fruit :
  • [Definition]: Easily obtained gains; what can be obtained by readily available means
  • Efficiency in end-use electricity and end-use of all energy is the low-hanging fruit. Efficiency and conservation: it’s not a cost; it’s a profit.
  • The stagnationist view is that ideas get used up,like low-hanging fruit,but the reality is that each innovation…
[From Movies]
  • Carefree soul, tasting all the low-hanging fruit life has to offer, a lot less complicated, a lot more fun. (Weeds)
  • Yeah, well, you know, it’s super low-hanging fruit. Someone’s going to do it. (Arrested Development)
  • I can’t blame you for plucking that low-hanging fruit, but the time has come for you to right that wrong. (Justified)
  • I know all the low-hanging fruit has been plucked. What’s next? (Damages)
[From News]
  • In Fixing the Economy, China Aims for Low-Hanging Fruit (NYT)
  • So there’s a lot of what I’ll call ”unpicked low-hanging fruit” in this area. (Economist)
  • It seems that China remains the biggest prize in the luxury industry, but the low-hanging fruit is gone. Luxury firms must now venture beyond the coastal cities where they have made easy fortunes. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • the first step is listening. the second is honesty, the third is action. Hit the low hanging fruit 1st for momentum.
  • diversify your diet: no person should subsist on low-hanging fruit alone

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